William Howard Kerr



1919 Jul 22 . Lt. L. W. H. Kerr, 11th Hrs., to (be temp, Capt. (without the pay or allces. of that rank) whilst empld. as a Brig. Phye. Trg. Supervisor.

1920 Mar 30 Lt. L. W. H. Kerr, llth Hrs.} relinquishes the temp, rank of Capt. on ceasing to be empld. as Brig. Physical Trg. Supervisor.

ADC to the Lieutenant-General and Governor-General of Ireland 1921; OBE 1922 He relinquishes the appointment 6 Dec 1922

1936 Jun 18

1940 May On personal staff of Lord Gort in BEF MAJ   L.W.H. Kerr


British Administration, Dublin