Francis John Christian

See Dublins Fighting Story where author claims Francis Christian is a British Intelligence officer involved in shooting of Treacy . The story of the death of "Sgt Francis Christian" a British Intelligence man exists in a number of IRA sources. There is no record of a death on Irish GRO, nor on CWGC

He was in fact wounded. Colour Sergeant Francis Christian received £1,250 for being wounded in the arm, he would also receive a full service pension. The size of the award was explained because he had been  a boxing champion in the Army in India but now suffered from lameness. This seems a bit dubious as he does not appear to have served in India

But he was certainly Intelligence, rather than regular army


1886 Mar 5. Born. London

1886 May 8 Baptised

1891 census living at St Marylebone, London

He seems to disappear from 1891 to 1915.

1915 Oct 12. Enlisted in ASC as #19613. Address was Great Peter St, Westminster. He was a labourer. Next of Kin was William Henry Christian, Brother of 5 Doynton St, Highgate

1915 Oct 30. Posted to France

1919 May 26 Discharged RASC/Labour Corps

1919 May 27. Re-enlisted in Labour Corps

1920 Apr 28 Discharged from Labour Corps

1920 Oct 14. Wounded in Talbot St raid

1922 Jan 6 Gets Civil Service job as a government telephonist

1928 Apr 4 Resigns his TA commission as 2nd Lt in RA

1939 Register Living at 312 St John Street , Finsbury, London, He is a telephone operator and single. With mother Marta and Nita Spackman, whom he appears to have married later

1940 Jul/Sep in Finsbury, London. Married Nita Spackman (she died Apr/Jun 1960 in Woolwich)

1957 Died Harrow Middlesex

Castle Intelligence