The Florence O'Donoghue papers record that Eskell  (the script is unclear) a man who had moved to Cork “to recover his delicate health for six months”  , left Cork on 13-10-1921 saying to his golf partner Adrian De Fleury that he had been on the job,  Fluery realising that his life could be in danger for associating, reported to T Ryall about the matter. Eskell had stayed at the Imperial Hotel but moved later to Summerhill in Cork.

There are 2 RAF officers called Eskell - assuming that de Fleury knew him for that reason - Loris Ivor Eskell and Dallas Louis H Eskell. The more likely of the two would be Loris Ivor Eskell who was South African, and was wounded, so would have had a reasonable excuse to be convalescing in Cork


Intelligence in Dublin Castle