Clement Patrick Fitzpatrick


1883 Born Rawlpindi (Pindi) , India


1915 Mar 1. Enlisted in King Edward Horse. He was a Police Officer. His next of kin is given as his brother Patrick John Fitzpatrick, serving with RE

1915 Apr 21. Landed in France

1916 Sep 10. Returned to UK

1916 Oct 20. Commissioned in Indian Army. Attached 30th Lancers

1920 Jul/Sep married Olive C Bailey in London

1920 Jul 1. Clement Patrick Fitzpatrick, late Int., Ind. Army Res. of Off., to be temp. Lt. whilst specially empld.

1920 Nov 21 Bloody Sunday - see J J Fitzgerald Quite oddly, in comparrison to most of the murders, nobody has retrospectively claimed responsibility for J J Fitzgerald's death. A number of the news reports state that they IRA were looking for "Fitzpatrick" and that they settled for "Fitzgerald"

1920 Nov 26 Relinquishes his commission on ceasing to be employed.

It seems remarkably coincidental that CP Fitzpatrick was removed from Ireland within a few days of Bloody Sunday. The others on the list are CH Colley (who later joined ADRIC), JH Bessell, AE Masters . Without further information becoming available, it is not possible to say why they were withdrawn - presumably it was because thier cover was known to be blown after Bloody Sunday.


1925 May 6. Died Cambridgeshire