Lt George Edward Green RASC



1916 Sep 11. Army Service Corps. Temp. 2nd Lt. G. E. Green T.F. to be temp. Lt.

1917 Jul 1. The undermentioned to be. Lts. . 2nd Lt. G. E. Green, and to remain seed

1917 Oct 24. West Yorks Regt. The undermentioned to be actg. Capts. whilst commanding Cos.: Temp. Lt. G. E. Green, A.S.C..

1918 Feb 20. MGC (Infantry) Temp. Lt. G. E. Green, from A.S.C., to be temp. Lt. 20 Feb. 1918, with seniority 11 Sept. 1916, and precedence next below T. M. Fripp.

1919 Jul 7. The undermentioned 2nd Lt, to be Lte.: — Temp. Lt. G. E. Green, from M.G. Corps, to be temp. Lt., 7th July 1919, with seniority from 11th Sept. 1916.

An IO in Cork

1920 Dec 11. The year of the Disappearances Green was traveling from the Imperial Hotel in Cork the night he shot himself during his altercation with Auxiliaries. Wounded not far from Palace Theatre at the corner of King St and Bridge St on the night of the Cork Burnings. Thinking he was about to be attacked he pulled out his revolver and accidently shot himself in the thigh. That book believes he lodged at one time with the Beals, and that the Lt Green shot at Waterfall was shot in mistake for this man


1921 Dec 18. RASC. The notification in the Gazette of 13th Oct. 1919, regarding temp. Lt. G. E. Green, is cancelled

1921 Dec 19. RASC. Lt. G. E. Green, 53rd Welsh Divl. Train, relinquishes his commn., under A.O. 166/21, as amended by A.O. 332/21, and retains the rank of Lt.

British Intelligence Dublin Castle