Stephen Searle Hill-Dillon

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Ormonde Winter became Chief of a new Combined Intelligence Service (CIS) for Ireland. Working closely with Sir Basil Thomson, Director of Civil Intelligence in the Home Office, with Colonel Hill Dillon, Deputy Chief of British Military Intelligence in Ireland, and with the local British Secret Service Head of Station at Dublin Castle, Hill Dillon is said to be "formerly of MI5"

Dalton WS says Military Intelligence operated out of Dublin District office in Royal barracks. Lillie Mernin was their only spy there

1907 Oct 8. Royal Irish Rifles. Lt S S Dillon (Territorial)

1909 Apr 22. 2nd Lt S S Dillon to be Lt (Regular)

1913 Nov 27 Lt S S Dillon to be Adjutant Royal Irish Rifles.

1914 Oct 14 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles Lieutenant S. S. Dillon. Mentioned in Dispatches

1915 Jum 2 Stephen Searle Hill-Dillon DSO, Royal Irish Rifles served in MO5(e) ie MI5 from 2 June 1915 to 18 March 1916 in E Branch as a Port Intelligence Officer at Hull.

1916 Apr 19 GSO third grade Capt. S. S. Dillon, D.S.O., R. Ir. Rif., and to remain seed.


Times Aug 21, 1916

1916 Aug 21 Marries Gladys Hill. Note that her name was Hill and the hyphenated Hill-Dillon must have come after the marriage.

hill dillon marriage

1916 Aug 26. General Staff Second Grade (previously 3rd Grade) . Capt, S. S. Dillon, D.S.O., R. Ir. Rif.

1916 Mar 18. Special Appointment. Temp. 2nd Lt. G. M. Bles, Manch. R., to be seed., and to be temp. Capt. whilst so employed, vice Capt. S. S. Dillon, D.S.O., R. Ir. Rif.


1920 Nov 10 In Gazette The undermentioned to be temp. Majs.:— Whilst G.S.Os., 2nd Grade: —Bt.Maj. S. 8. Hill-Dillon, D.S.O,. R. Ir. Rif., from 26th Aug. 1916 to 16th Sept. 1916 and from 13th Nov. 1918.

1920 Assissant chief of GHQ Intelligence staff in Dublin Castle. Frank Thornton says Mernin was" a typist at Comand HQ of Dublin District, the Intelligence Branch of which was under the control of Col Hill Dillon, Chief Intelligence Officer"

1923 Oct 1 Capt and Bt Lt Col, S S Hill-Dillon, appointed Major. Hill Dillon was the first man to run the "Directorate of Military Operations and Intelligence" after Irish Independence. It was "responsible for military intelligence work in southen Ireland". Brind succeeded him in this post. Intelligence was gathered and weekly meetings held with the Colonial Office and Special Branch. And this department played the lead role in Irish Intelligence from 1923 to 1926

1924 GSO 2nd Grade

1926 owns a racehorse called Turning Point. He rode his own horses in the races he entered (Amateur Steeplchases)

1927 Mar 1. Retires in half pay. Major and Brevet Lt-Col S S Hill-Dillon, DSO of R Ulster Rifles

1927 & 1928 owned a race horse called Benjamin Cherry

1929 rode a racehorse called Phibisher owned by a Mrs J Bellingham a few times.

1930 His own horse is by now Cross-Gate and he has also added Doldrums to his horses

1931 riding and racing his own horse Prince Marlo

horses sold by ss hill dillon

1931 Jun 10 Sale of hunters by Tattersalls shows him selling horses that are fetching top prices.

1932 he is still owining racehoreses but has stopped riding them himself. His horses are now raced by jockeys.

1936 he sells for 280 guineas

1936 Jul 24 His daughter Muriel presented to the King (debs) at Bucking Palace Garden Party.

1938 He attends Royal Ulster Rifles Dinner

1939 Mar 18. His daughter Joan presented at Court to the King (deb)

1939 Jun 10. He attends Royal Ulster Rifles dinner in London

1939 Aug 11 He pays 300 guineas for a colt at Dublin Horse Show


1940 The Commanding Officer for Northern Ireland, Major General R V Pollock felt in the dark about Irish affairs and called Hill Dillon out of retirement and appointed him to his staff

1940 USA confers Legion of Merit (Officer) on Colonel (temporary) Stephen Searle Hill-Dillon, D.S.O., O.B.E. (4068), The Royal Ulster Rifles

1941 Feb 25. He is living at Hayes House, Navan, Co Meath when the engagement of his younger daughter Joan is announced.

1942 Jun 12. Gets OBE in Birthday Honours. Major (Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel) (acting Lieutenant-Colonel) Stephen Searle Hill- Dillon, D.S.O. (4068), The Royal Ulster Rifles.

1944 Mar 1. Engagement of his daughter Muriel Francis announced. He and his wife still at Hayes House, Navan, Meath

hill dillon death

1956 Devon Loch, then owned by the Queen Mother, slipped and fell within sight of the wining post at the Grand National. But Hill-Dillon had previously owned Devon Loch. Colonel Stephen Hill-Dillon, described as a steward who used to break and sell horses on to England, brought Devon Loch to Navan racecourse for a final exercise session before he was shipped to his new connections. Partnered by chief work-rider Tommy Carey, he was to school almost two circuits but, as he approached the winning post at the end of the first lap, he "seizes in full stride and sprawls helplessly". Hill-Dillon and Carey, among the small number to witness the incident, are dead. The identity of the vet, whose subsequent examination of Devon Loch was "inconclusive", has not been established, but Carey confided in his family and close friend Tony Raleigh, 62, from County Meath, who has now come forward.

1981 Mar 12. He died. his address then was Glebe House, Fethard, Tipperary

British Intelligence in Dublin Castle