Lieutenant Horace St Clair L'Amie

medal card L'Amie medal card l'amie

1897 Jan/Mar Born Newport, Monmouthshire, vol 11a p212

1901 census l'anie

1901 census as Horace H Clare Amie living at Rowlstone Villa, Rowlstone, Herefordshire Son of William I l'Amie, a Revenue Officer in Ireland, and Florence

1908 Jan. Started at Leeds Central High School

1911 census

1911 census Living with his family at 5 Cromer Terrace Leeds - it notes his father is a "first class officer" in Customs and Excise.

1912 Sep. Educated at Worksop College

1915 Feb. Sits Sandhurst Entrance exam and passes, coming 11th. He gives his address as 10 Eden Terrace, Limerick.

1915 Aug 11. The undermentioned Gentleman Cadets from the Royal Military College to be Second Lieutenants: The Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment). Horace St. Clair L'Amie.

1916 Dec 26. Arrives in France and later goes to Salonica

1917 Jul 1. W. Rid. R.The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts. H St.C L'Amie

1919 Oct. Returns to UK

1920 Jul 24. Lt H St Claire Amie landed at Belfast serving with No 3. Company 2nd Bn DWR   He's not mentioned again until he dies

1920 Oct 5. Shot at Collinstown Aerodrome, Dublin. CWGC . Digest of Service 2nd Bn DWR says Lt H St  C Amie is killed by accidental discharge of a automatic while walking in the camp at Collingstown

The court of inquiry took evidence and found that Lt L'Amie had been ordered to take a group of men into Dublin to investigate a theft. L'Amie was walking towards the officers' mess, and 3 men were walking 20 yards behind L'Amie. Each stated that heard a single shot saw L'Amie fall. L'Amie was clutching a revolver in his right hand and a single bullet had been fired. One man said L'Amie was walking with a stick in his left hand, and his right hand in his coat pocket. The medical witness stated that death was due to a single bullet to the heart.

Another witness stated that he had examined the revolver found on Lt L'Amie, and discovered that the firing mechanism was faulty. If on "safe" the trigger would indeed not fire the revolver, but if the gun was cocked and on safe, a slight pressure on the hammer would fire the gun. It is believed that this is what happened to Lt L'Amie

1920 Oct 7. Court of Inquiry sits and findings are given that the cause of death was "an accidental gun shot wound to the heart" and that the mechanism of his revolver was faulty


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