Frank Egbert Vining

1899 Apr/Jun Born St Thomas, Devon

1901 census at : Rectory, Kenn, Devon

1911 census at a prep school at Eversley Winchfield Hampshire

1913 At Haileybury Hailey 1913.1 - 1916.3

1918 Jan 25 . RFA The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets from the R. Mil. Acad., to be 2nd Lts. Frank Egbert Vining

1921 Apr 1. To be Members of the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order: Frank Egbert Vining. MBE citation

1921 Jun 27 The Manchester's Intelligence Office, Lt Vining, found out that some wanted IRA men would be in a pub at Waterfall. He orgaised a raid. Col W K Evans, Lt Vining and 4 other officers raided Donovan's Pub at Waterfall. They appear to have arrested 39 men there. In addition Leo Murphy was killed and Murphy is believed to have shot Capt Thompson . Note Thompson had been the previous Intelligence officer in the Manchesters, and had been murdered by the IRA

1922 Dec 1. The undermentioned appts. are made. Equitation School. Instr Artillery Wing. Lt. F. E. Vining, M.B.E., R.A.

1927 Jun 19 The- undermentioned appts. are made: —Equitation School. Instr.—Lt. J. C. Campbell, M.C., E.A., vice Lt. F. E, Vining, M.B.E., R.A.

1928 Jul 18. The undermentioned Lts. are restd. to the estabt. : — F. E. Vining, M.B.E.

1930 Nov 1. The undermentioned are seed. :— Lt. F. E. Vining, M.B.E., for serv. with the Territorial Army. Royal Artillery. 96th (R. Devon Yeo.) Fd. Bde.— Lt. F. E. Vining, M.B.E., R.A., to be Adjt. and is granted the temp, rank of Capt. in the T.A. (with pay & allces. of a Lt.) whilst holding that appt.

1934 Dec 22. The undermentioned Capts. are restd. to the estabt.: — F. E. Vining, M.B.E.

1938 Jan 28. Royal Regiment of Artillery. Capt. F. E. Vining, M.B.E., retires on ret. pay. 28th Jan. 1938

1938 Sep 1. Royal Regiment of Artillery. Capt. F. E. Vining, M.B.E., to be Major.

1941 Dec 30. The King has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of distinguished services in the Middle East (including Egypt, East Africa, The Western Desert, The Sudan, Greece, Crete, Syria and Tobruk) during the period February, 1941, to July, 1941:Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F. E. Vining, M.B.E. (13021).

1946 Oct 17. Maj. (War Subs. Lt.-Col.) F. E. Vining, M.B.E. (13021) retires on ret. pay, and is granted the hon. rank of Col.

1949 Apr 23. Maj. (Hon. Col.) F. E. Vining, M.B.E. (13021), having exceeded the age limit of liability to recall, ceases to belong to the Res. of Offrs.,

1950 Jul 8. He marries the widow of Lt Col J L Vining

1972 Dec 6. Dies in Northumberland.