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Stuart Belhouse ws born in Yorkshire in 1894, the son of a bank clerk. He joined the RFA as a private soldier, and was commissoned in Jan 1915 into the West Yorkshire Regt.

He must have been a serving officer while working in Public Information Department, and will hve been there from May 1920 until he resigned his commsisson in May 1921. He died in 1926, but I do not know the cause of death


1894 Oct/Dec birth registered at Wharfedale, West Riding Yorkshire. Vol 9a, p155

1901 census bellhouse

1901 census. Living with family in Denton Rd, Ilkley, Yorkshire

1911 census. Living with his family at Lyndhurst Denton Road Ben Rhydding, Wharfedale, Yorkshire

1915 Jan 9 Gunner Stuart Bellhouse, from the 4th West Riding (Howitzer) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, to be Second Lieutenant. 8th Battalion (Leeds Rifles) The Prince of W ales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment);

1918 20th July.
Just before 8 am the 187th Brigade, on the right, and the 185th on the left, reported all ready. The attack was to be made under a creeping barrage put down by French and Italian artillery, to fall 1,000 yards ahead of the forming-up positions of the 62nd Divisional infantry. At 8 am the attack began. Brilliant sunshie flooded the cornfields and countryside generally. On the right, the 187th brigade made good progress. Courmas was taken and held, and good positions for continuing the attack on the following day were secured. On the left, the attack of the 185th Brigade does not appear to have made equal progress. The two battalions of West Yorkshire had a most difficult task. Their advance had to be made over a good deal of open ground, literally stuffed with enemy machine gun posts commanding every approach to Marfaux and cuitron, both of which stood on high ground.
The 8th West Yorkshires (Lieut.-Colonel N. A. England) attacked with two ompanies in the front line - "A" (Capt. G. G. Kinder), on the right, and "B" (Capt. J. Appleyard) on the left. "C" Company (Lieut. S. Bellhouse) was in support and "D" (Lieut. H. R. Burrows) in reserve.
The attacking companies moved off in artillery formation, but soon came under heavy machine-gun fire. The French and Italian barrage had fallen too far ahead and left untouched the countless hostile machine-gun posts in the intervening space. "Within an hour of 'Zero,'" records the Battalion Diary, "the attack was completely held up." In front of Marfaux and cuitron heavy casualties were sustained. Isolated parties of the battalion held on to positions they had gained throughout the day, but at nightfall had to vacate them. The losses of the 8th West Yorkshires were severe. Capts. G. G. Kinder and J. E. Appleyard, Lieut. T. W. M. Wilkinson, Seond-Lieuts. E. H. Shuttleworth, W. H. Dawson, S. H. Bray and T. R. Williams were killed, and Lieut. J. H. Banton and Second-Lieuts. P. B. Wesley and W. Oliver were wounded. In other ranks the 8th lost 43 killed, 199 wounded and 20 missing; three were reported wounded and missing and 26 were gassed. The battalion was relieved on 21st and moved back to Ecuil Farm.

His Majesty The King has been graciously pleased to approve of the officers, warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the 8th (Leeds Rifles) Battalion The West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's Own) being permitted to wear in their headdresses on all ceremonial parades, a Cockade of the Colours of the French Croix de Guerre in commemoration of their exploits at La Montaigne de Bligny in 1918, for which they were 'cité' in the Orders of the 5th French Army.
Lieutenant Stuart Bellhouse, 8th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment (Territorial Force). Awarded Croix de Guerre in Gazette 1919 Oct 7

1919 Feb 1. Special Appointment grade HH. Lt . S. Bellhouse, 8th W. York. R., T.F., vice Lt. J. W. Huntingdon, 4th Yorks. L.I., T.F.

1919 Mar 12 Special Appointment grade HH.—Lt. S. Bellhouse, 8th W. York. Regt T.F.

1921 May 21 Relinquishes his commission

1926 died age 32 at Hampstead, London vol 1a, p736


Public Information Department