Sean Doyle

Some just seemed to admire what others had done: Jimmy Doyle was the coolest man you ever saw. It appears that Jimmy was on guard on a landing. He was a quiet Wicklow man, quiet and always smiling. There was a mirror on the landing and two of the British intelligence men came sneaking down when they heard the racket to grab Jimmy, but he didn’t seem to be taking any precautions and just as they came close to him, he shot the two of them.

Patrick Doyle was a carpenter, married with four children, from Dublin. He was one of the six men hanged following the attempted ambush at Drumcondra. His brother Seán was fatally wounded at the Custom House six weeks later.

Present at murder of Ames and Bennett at Upper Mount Street

Present at murder of MacLean and Smith at 117 Morehampton Road (needs to be checked, I do not believe that they were at both shootings)