British Officers who Escaped Death

peter the painter pisto;

"Peter the Painter" Mauser C96 Broomhandle

A number of men escaped death, through a variey of circumstances. It is impossible to say how many more were on "the list". The IRA have not been keen to speak about their failures, and the British were certainly not going to boast about men who had been missed.

Of the men whom we know escaped 8 were probably Intelligence Officers (marked in bold below)

Again because of the nature of Intelligence, facts and figures are hard to come by. There appear to have been around 60 to 100 British intelligence officers trained in London and sent to work in Ireland - 6 were murdered and attempts were made on a further 7 men. The IRA appear to claim that they had 15 men on their list - pared down from the original 35, but the list was swollen by "extras" that were probably added because they lived in the same building as a "target", and ones the Dublin Brigade IRA added for their own reasons.

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