John Caldow

His brother in law, Donald Lewis MacLean, was another victim in the same house at 117 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook. John Caldow had gone to Ireland with a view to securing employment with the police force. Caldow survived his wounds, while MacLean and the landlord, Smith, died.

The Republican story is At 117 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, not far from the scene of the first shootings, another member of the Cairo Gang, Lieutenant Donald Lewis MacLean, along with suspected informer T. H. Smith and MacLean's brother-in-law, John Caldow, were taken into the hallway and about to be shot, when MacLean asked that they not be shot in front of his wife. The three were taken to the roof, where they were shot by Vinnie Byrne and Seán Doyle. Caldow survived his wounds and fled to his home in Scotland.

Mrs Smith, the wife of landloded Thomas Herbert Smith, testified that I saw some men coming up the stairs, who appeared to number about 20, with revolvers in their hands. They then told me to put my hands up and my husband came out on the landing and asked for a little time to put on some clothes, which they granted. I then asked if I could go into my baby in the next room and they pushed me roughly into it. I then heard about 8 shots. A minute or two later I heard John Caldow (who was staying with us) call out Kate (meaning his sister) run for the doctor. I then came out and saw John Caldow in [the] entrance to the room, lying on his back wounded. I passed him and saw my husband lying very badly wounded and Mr MacClean dead. My husband had no regular occupation and owned property. His age was 47. He did not take part in politics, but was very friendly with Captain MacLean who had just resigned from the army.

1898 John Caldow was born Ayrshire

1901 He appears to be in this family in 1901 census living near Prestwick, with a sister called Kate, the right age to have married Donald Lewis MacLean (who was born 1889)

1914 Kate Caldow married Donald Maclean .

1915 John Caldow joined Royal Scots Fusiliers as Private 7375, early in 1915

1915 Jun 6 landed in Gallipoli with 1/4th or 1/5th Battalion. They were formed in August 1914 in Kilmarnock and were part of South Scottish Brigade, Lowland Division. Moved in August 1914 to Stirling. May 1915 : formation became 155th Brigade, 52nd (Lowland) Division. Sailed from Liverpool on 21 May 1915, going via Mudros to Gallipoli, where the battalion disembarked on 7 June 1915.

1918 Apr. Moved to France with the Division. He does not appear to have been commissioned

1920 Nov 21 Shot on Bloody Sunday

1969 Appears to have died aged 71 at Cambuslang

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