Capt Leonard Price MC, 1885 - 1920


medal card leonard price

Captain Leonard Price on General List killed 21/11/1920

1885 born Huddleston Road, Islington, London N. Islington 1b, 232

1891 census leonard price

1891 census show him living with parents in London. His father Douglas is a stockbroker, mother Fanny an sister Muriel. At 67 Hilldrop Rd, Islington, London

1901 census. Still living at home, but parents ahve moved to Allan Bank, Harrington Rd, Preston Park, Brighton, Sussex

1911 census He has left home and living in the Isle of Wight with a cousin, while working as a County Council Clerk. The address is, Shanklin House, Prospect Road, Shanklin (the address on his MIC)

shanklin houe, prospect rd, shanklin

Shanklin House, Prospect Rd, Shanklin

1914 about Apr or May Entered 1st Battalion Honorable Artillery Company with service number 1163. In 1914, The HAC comprised two batteries of horse artillery (each with an ammunition column), and an infantry section of four companies. He was a corporal in 1914.

1914 August : in Finsbury, London. Attached as Army Troops to 1st London Division.

1914 Sep 12: HAC moved to Belhus Park.

1914 Sep 17: HAC landed at St. Nazaire and placed onto Lines of Communication. This checks with his MIC

1914 Nov 10: HAC transferred to 8th Brigade in 3rd Division.

1914 Dec 9 : HAC transferred to 7th Brigade in same Division.

1915 commisioned in the field,and joined the 20th Battalion of Middlesex Regiment.2nd Lt. He was mentioned in dispatches in France and awarded the Miilitary Cross. He was listed as been with the Royal Engineers in Dublin.

1916 Sep 26. Middlesex Regt Temp.2nd Lt. L. Price to be temp. Lt. Gazette

1917 Mar 10. Middlesex Regt. Temp. Lt. L. Price to be Adjt.Gazette

1917 Sep 29 Middlesex R. Temp. Lt. and Adjt. L. Price to be temp Capt. Gazette

1918 MC Gazetted "Temp. Capt. Leonard Price, Middlesex Regt For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. This officer, acting as Adjutant throughout an engagement, worked untiringly, under heavy machine-gun fire, in rallying and reorganising retiring troops, setting a very fine example to all ranks."

1919 Jan 14 he applies for 1914 Star, and his address is 101 Broadhurst Gardens. West Hampstead NW6.

1919 Apr 9. D.A.Q.M.G. Temp. Capt. L. Price, M.C., Serv. Bn., Middlesex Regt to be temp: Major whilst so empld., vice Lt. C. N. Clarke, Herts. Yeo., T.F. The DAQMG (Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General) was a Grade 2 staff officer with the rank of Major and was found at all levels of HQ from Division upwards. At Division he was the senior Q staff officer, working under the AA&QMG (Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General),

1919 Sept 26 The undermentioned relinquishes his temporary appointment. : D.A.Q.M.G.: Temp. .Capt. L. Price, M.C., Serv. Battalion, Mddlesex Regt., and relinquishes the temp, rank of Major. Gazette

1920 May 15 He applies from Shanklin House, Shanklin, Isle of Wight for oak leaf, bar and rosettes

1920 Jun 17 Appointed . CL II. Temp. Capt. L. Price, M.C, .Serv. Bn., Midd'x Regt. ( Lt. B. G. Murray, 5th B. Scots, T.F.) on the same group of only 2 men) Gazette

Collins records that 10 IRA members entererd 28 Upper Pembroke Street. Among those present were

The IRA view is The operation began at 9:00 am, when about 10 members of the Squad entered 28 Pembroke Street. The first British agents to die were Major Dowling and Captain Leonard Price. Andy Cooney of the Dublin Brigade removed documents from their rooms, before three more members of the Gang were shot in the same house: Captain Keenlyside, Colonel Woodcock, and Colonel Montgomery.

Hansard reports. 28, Upper Pembroke-street. Two officers murdered and four wounded. The residence of Mrs. Gray was raided at 9 o'clock this morning by about twenty men, some of whom came on bicycles. The house consists of several flats. The raiders, who were armed and undisguised, held up a maid on the stairs, and Mrs. Gray, the proprietress, who was leaving her room, was simultaneously detained. The house appeared to be familiar to them, as they broke up into parties, and went with evident knowledge to various parts of the house. From ten to twelve shots were heard, and, following these, the assassins decamped. Mrs. Gray and her maid visited the rooms immediately and found that Major Dowling, of the Grenadier Guards, had been shot dead at his bedroom door. Captain Price, of the Royal Engineers, was found dead the next room door. Captain Keenlyside, of the Lancashire Fusiliers, whose wife most gallantly struggled with the murderers and thereby frustrated their purpose, was wounded in the arm. Colonel Woodcock was fired at as he came downstairs. He appeared to have taken unawares the raiders who were in the hall. He called out to Colonel Montgomery who was coming out of his room and was wounded in the body. Turning towards his room to secure a weapon Colonel Woodcock was also wounded. Colonel Woodcock and Colonel Montgomery both belong to the Lancashire Fusiliers. A sixth officer, Mr. Murray, of the Royal Scots, was also wounded as he descended the stairs. A lady resident in the house went from room to room seeking help and in every room found only dead, dying, or wounded men.

Buried in a CWGC grave at Sandown-Shanklin Cemetery

Bloody Sunday